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Addons for Advanced Features

Addons are for only specific features you can purchase and add.

Is it possible to have full, unlimited options?

Various Features

Lava Plugin team is our old mates. They built listing addons for specific, special features.
Our theme works fine without any addons.

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Free coupon for new purchases. (70% off for old users – Purchased before 2020.01.01)

Please contact our support team to provide your a coupons.  

Coupons will be issued within 24 hours except weekends, holidays

The coupon is for only javo theme users who have valid support ( how to check ). if it’s expired, you need to extend.

If you already purchased without the coupon, there is NO way to get a refund with the coupon.
Free event can be finished anytime without a notice.

The license is for life time. For updates, you need to renewal yearly. Our support team provide renewal DC coupons as well.

Free coupon event

Basic Addons are free!

Since 2020. Jan.18, we provide a free coupon to get necessary addons.
For old users, we provide 70% off of saled price.

After purchase our theme, please contact our support team.

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