Save your favorite listings

Listing Favorite (Bookmark)

Your users can save favorite listings and display on theirs dashboard.

Book Mark Button

Let your clients save favorite listings and display on your dashboard

Add it on listing detail page

You can add it any place on single listing detail page.

Add it on card blocks(Module)

Add it on card block to directly save the listings.

Save Favorite Listings

You can place a save button on Single detail page and module.

Favorite button widget

Add any place on single detail page

You can add a save button any place in single detail page.
It's also done by drag & drop. Once a listing is saved, the listing will be displayed on user dashboard.

Favorite button widget

Add a save button on module

You can also add it on ( Card Block) modules.
Module are displayed on listing list or map panel. And also post blocks. It's great to have it.
You can also remove it anytime.

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