All Change What You Want!

Listing Map Page

Module, Filter, Map color, Map size, etc..

You can use the module you want

We provide many modules by default. You can modify the module we have provided with the page builder and create the module yourself. Select the module you want from map page!

Easy Google Map edit

You can easily change it with the Map color, Map UI Button, Zoom leavel, height, etc .. And if you do not want it, you can delete the google map and use it as a list page.

Use the filter you want!

You can add filters to use and delete filters you do not need. And you can modify the order of the filter.
This feature is a powerful feature not found in other themes. And we have various filter widgets.
Button filter, list filter, search form filter, dropdown filter, etc ..

The Most Advanced & Map Builders

You can modify the layout you want with only a page builder, without the need for hard coding.
No coding required! Have a look at these amazing features not found in any other themes.

Theme & Page Builders

Unlimited Card Modules

You can select the desired module from the Map page or another block of pages.
And we provide many default module templates. You can modify the module template provided by us.
You can modify the module template to add or delete the meta values you want. Choose the right module for your site.
Modules can be modified and meta added and deleted by using only the page builder without hardcoding!

Have a look at more details about module builder!

Just simply drag & drop or add & remove

Map Filters, Options

It's just drag & drops to add fields what you need and remove what you don't want.

In map options, you can change and use many of the options. (Map area size, Map color, Map marker, Zoom level, Hover animation, etc...)

If you do not use the map can delete the map and use it as a list page. You can easily customize it to your desired Map page.

No coding required!
This is an amazing feature not found in any other theme.

Simply drag and adjust!

Map & List Layout Change

If you want to show more map area, more listing card area or just only map (or list), you can simply adjust column rate percent or drag to adjust.

If you also want to show only "list style" or "map style". You can replace it.
You can also put them left or right side by drag & drop.

It also provides responsive options to build mobile layout and version.

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