You can add it wherever you want!

Post Detail Page

Blog detail page customization ready!

Create and use unlimited templates

You can create a post detail template without restrictions. You can also modify the post detail template provided in our theme.

Add, delete, or edit any post meta you want

We can create a post meta widget so that theme users can easily add the meta they want. And you can modify meta color, typography, spacing, sorting, etc ...
You can set the post detail template that you want by adding or modifying the meta you want to use on the post detail page.

Change All Layout

You can easily customize all elements of the post detail template with the elementor page builder. Add Columns, Sidebars, Post Blocks, Widgets, etc ..
Create the layout you want and add the widgets you need.

The Most Advanced & Post Template

You can modify the layout you want with only a page builder, without the need for hard coding.

Design Unlimited Layouts

Create and use unlimited templates

You can customize the post detail template with only drag & drop without hard coding.
Control every element, appearance, placement, alignment,color and edit all visual attributes through a completely elementor editor.
I guarantee, this is an amazing feature that is hard to find in any theme.

Design Unlimited Layouts

Post Meta Widget

Our theme users have created a widget that allows them to add and use meta without hardcoding.
Use the post meta widget to add or modify the meta you want. Post date, Post author, Category, Title, Description, Author avatar, etc .. We made all the meta available for you!

Design Unlimited Layouts

Add Columns, Sidebars, Post Blocks

You can change the post detail layout as desired. Add side bars and add columns and rows as you like. You can add a post block to display related posts, or you can display notices, popular posts. Use the layout you want without hard coding!

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