All Change What You Want!

Post & Listing Meta

Layouts, Color, Typography, Position, Header, Video, 3D View

Listing Header Select

Map, Image, Gallery, Video, 3D viewer, etc.. you can add it to the listing header.

Add Meta What You Want Only

You can easily add the value of the listing you want.

Change All Layout

You can easily customize all elements of the listing detail template with the elementor page builder.

The Most Advanced & Listing Detail Builders

You can modify the layout you want with only a page builder, without the need for hard coding.

Create Multi Templates

Layout, Color, Typhography

You are able to create listing detail templates to choose which pages you will use.

It's very easy to customize layouts, color, font, typography.
Add sections what you need and reorganize them. Even you can make multiple templates and choose one of them in each listings.

Theme & Page Builders

Single Listing Meta Option

We made it a meta widget so that users can easily change the listing value. title, address, phone, email, content, etc.. You can easily add and change many meta values with widgets. Of course, color, typography, padding, margin, etc.. Custom is also possible.

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