You can add it wherever you want!

Search Form

Ajax search, Category search, Location search, Address search, Keyword search, etc..

Add a search form where you want it

You can add the search form where you want it. Header, Footer, Page, Post, Listing, etc .. You can add a search form where you want and modify the search form style.
I firmly believe this is a cool feature not found in any other theme!
You can easily add this cool feature with drag & drop without hardcoding!

Various search forms available

You can use various search forms. Ajax, Category, Location, Address, Keyword, etc .. We have about 10 search form functions.
Our theme has all the search forms you want. You can select the search form you want and add it to your desired location.

Advanced filter function

It is a great feature to be able to configure an advanced filter as you like. You do not need an addon to use this feature. This is a basic feature provided by the theme.
Advanced filters can be added to the search form in the header as well as the map page and other page. Then add the search type you need to the advanced filter and use it.

The Most Advanced & Search Form

You can modify the layout you want with only a page builder, without the need for hard coding.

Theme & Page Builders

Multipurpose Search form

You no longer need to purchase hardcoding or addon to customize the search form. Drag and drop to create the search form you want. You can use the page builder simply by adding a search form.
Naturally, you can also set font, layout, and color. It also offers over 10 search form features.
Our theme has all the search form features you want!
You can add it anywhere you want, page, header, map, etc!

Theme & Page Builders

You can add any filter you want

If you need the special search filter you want, you can add a filter using the more taxonomies addon.
We basically offer more than 10 filters. However, some users need special filter only for their own site. You can create and use your own filters using more taxonomies addon.

Theme & Page Builders

Ajax Search

Ajax search is a cool real-time search feature. You do not need to use multiple search fields for searching.
Title, category, page, post, members, groups, etc .. Get instant results on everything on your site.

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