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Listing Detail Page

Easier and faster customization than any other theme.

Our themes listing really has a lot of features. (Google map, Video, 3D viewer, Featured image, Category image, Gallery, Amenities, Working Hour, Contact form, FAQ, Review, Bookmark, Social share, Additional info, etc..)
We think you have all the features you want.
What’s surprising is that all of these are widgets, so you can use only the features you need, and you can easily customize them with drag & drop using the Page builder.

Advantages of this feature.

  • Customizable by previewing live preview with only Page builder.
  • Many options are available in the Listing Header. (google map, featured image, 3d viewer, video, category image, gallery)
  • Use the Bookmark option to save the listing you are interested in.
  • Share in social with the Social Share button.
  • Easily add taxonomies with the More taxonomies option.
  • Add the widget you want to the listing.
  • Add any listing information to the Listing Meta widget. ex) conetent, title, author, date, etc..
  • Contact form available.
  • Add the Working Hours widget and place it where you want it.

Listing Header(Group)

This is a widget that shows Featured image, 3D view, Video, Map, Gallery, etc..

Title Line(Group)

This widget controls the change of the listing title, listing header, switch button, share, rating, bookmark.

Listing Meta Widget

You can use this widget to display Title, address, phone, email, content, etc..


Contact Form Button

Mini Map Widget

Working Hours Widget

Gallery Widget


Amenities Widget

A widget that shows the amenities of the listing you have visited.


FAQ Widget

You can set up frequently asked questions by your visitors and have different FAQs for each listing.


Review Widget

It is a review features that can be set up quickly and easily.


Do you want to customize? OR migrate part?


Frequently Asked Questions

Some features require addons. Our partner lava addons are very cheap and contain powerful features.
Remember that some features require addons.

No, we have a template by default and you can customize it if you need it.

Contact form 7 plugin.
Contact form 7 is a free plugin and has good functionality.

You are connected to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and you can copy and share the url to other social.

Yes, we made everything from the listing page to a widget. So you can delete or change the part you do not want.
Or you can create and apply a new listing template by referring to our provided listing template.