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Create the overall structure of a Map page without hard coding

Our themes listing really has a lot of features. (Google map, Video, 3D viewer, Featured image, Category image, Gallery, Amenities, Working Hour, Contact form, FAQ, Create and customize your map page as you like.
You can add a map to the location you want, or you can subtract the map if you do not want to.
You can add only the filter you want, or you can easily delete it.
And the map / list toggle button allows you to easily change the map and list on your mobile so that you can see the options.

Advantages of this feature.

  • You can create a Map page using the Eelementor page builder.
  • Filter, Module, Map, Search form, etc .. You can make it easily by drag & drop because you made widget of all the elements in Map.
  • If you do not need a map, you can easily switch to the list page by deleting it.
  • Since the Archive Map is also a template, it can be designed differently from the Map page.
  • Near Me option available.
  • Advanced Filtering System available.
  • You can customize the search form directly on the Map page.
  • Module swich widget can be used to display two modules.

Search Filter & Advanced Filter

The Map page does not refresh the page with the search form. You can filter by using the search form.

Fillter Buttons (List Type)

This widget was created using a repeater. You can add and delete filters you want. There are two types of check box type and dropdown type.

Fillter Buttons

This widget was created using a repeater. You can add and delete filters.
Rating, Open now, Favorit, Most Review, etc..This is sort filter.

Sort Dropdown Filter

A widget that makes the Sort option dropdown. Title, Date, Rating, etc ..

Module Switch Button

You can use up to two modules with the switch module widget. It mainly uses two types of list type module and grid type module.

Listing Count



You can set the map height size, Default Map Marker, Map sikn, and zoom level. Alternatively, you can delete this widget to disable the Map.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have a template by default and you can customize it if you need it.

Yes, you can adjust the size of the map and modify the map marker, map skin, zoom leavel, etc ..

No, you can only use one module if you want.
If you delete the module switch button, only one module can be used.

No, this features does not require an addon. You can use advanced filtering without an addon.