There is a Best header option here.

Listing Header

Map, Image, Gallery, Video, 3D viewer, etc.. you can add and remove them to the listing header.

Use The Listing Header You Want

It can display 3d view, video, featured image, gallery, google map, street view, and more. You can configure the listing header style to be shown first, and use the header style that you want for your purposes!

Use The header switch button to show various style!

You can see various listing header styles by using Header switch widget. You can change the order of switches and remove unwanted switches. Add any place in listing pages as you wish.

Only Javo has this header! and even great options

You can't find this header any other themes. Maybe similar.
It was a suggestion from our client and we improved it much. and even elementor tool.

The Most Advanced & Listing Header Builders

What else you need more? These are all common necessary headers in a directory theme.
You can remove some of them and reorder them!
You can also add any place on listing detail pages such as on head, on body as you want.

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Dynamic & Multipurpose Header

What to show at first

Category image, 3d view, video, featurd image, map, gallery, etc.. You can add these header or any places.

You can select what to show first when the page loads.

Adjust height, overlay, parallax option as you wish.

It can be used with the title line group and can be seen by changing the header with the switch button.

Add it any place in listing page!

Custom Switch Buttons

Remove & Reorder Buttons

You can use the Header Switch widget to show various header styles. featurd image, map, gallery, video, 3d view, etc .. You can also add only the switch buttons you want and change the order as desired.

It can be done by SIMPLY drag & drop! You don't need any coding anymore!

Unique in this market!

Only Javo has this header!

One of our clients recommend few years ago and we released this header with much improvement. So many people loved it and told us thank you!

However, there was no option to reorder, remove, add and setup in previous version.

Now, we are using Elementor and it helps to provide you this great option!

Purchase The Best
Directory Theme Ever!

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Map Filter Widgets

Add the filter you want to use and use it.

We have created various map filter widgets.
Filter buttons group, Filter list group, Dropdown filter, Check box filter, etc.. You can add filters you want to use. It’s made of widgets so you can add it where you want it and you can easily customize it.

Advantages of this feature.

  • Various filter layouts are available.
  • Add the filter type you want or you can easily delete it. ex) Category, Location, etc..
  • Easily customize it with a few clicks without hardcoding.

Do you want to customize? OR migrate part?