You can add any taxonomies you want!

More Taxonomy

Add your desired taxonomies and use them as filters!

Listing Header Select

Map, Image, Gallery, Video, 3D viewer, etc.. you can add it to the listing header.

Add Meta What You Want Only

You can easily add the value of the listing you want.

Change All Layout

You can easily customize all elements of the listing detail template with the elementor page builder.

Add More Taxonomies

If you need some extra categories, taxonomies to have different taxonomy groups,
You can add them to be filtered, display on listing detail pages.
More Taxonomies

Add on Search Form & Filter

When you build a search form or Map Filters, you can add them. It will be filtered or searched by the taxonomies you made and selected.
More Taxonomies

Display on Single Detail

You can also place them in single detail page. It's simply done by drag & drop.
It's included in listing meta widget.

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More Taxonomies

Add Listing taxonomies to use the right taxonomies for your site

It is very easy to add and use listing taxonomies.
Additional taxonomies can be used as search filters. This is a very cool feature. I had to hard-code to add taxonomies and use them as filters.
However, our themes can be easily used as a search filter by adding taxonomies and using widgets.

Advantages of this feature.

  • You can easily add multiple taxonomies.
  • Additional taxonomies can be used as search filters.

Do you want to customize? OR migrate part?


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but addon sells at very low prices. You are a cool feature that will not regret buying this addon.