Javo Premium Service

Looking for Customization or Setup assistance?

Who needs these services?

Do you need to setup your site? There are some clients who need specific setup, options or directory themes.


Do you need special features?
Do you have some more detail options?

If you have any customization work, we can also work on it. Please give us the details and our developers will contact you back.

Premium Setup

Do you have some special settings for your own project? Or, you are busy to make your changes from our demo sites for your own project? ( your images, bulk import, building your own pages and some design )

Then you can ask us to assist you. Please give us the details.

Build Different Theme

If you are looking for an unique directory theme or totally different theme, we can also assist you to build them for you.

Please specify your project details.

Testimonial From Clients

This service has been exceptional and it feels so good that any problem or idea can be fixed or developed. It is also amazing how efficient you work, how prioritized I feel that my work is with you and how available you are. It seems that you are always available and I like that we have a very personal email contact. You should defiantly continue with this service and I have more work for you in the future. Thanks for the help😊 Tip: I have more work for you just around the corner and I like that we agree on each project, but I could also be interested in hiring you for some time. Maybe, others would like to hire you for some time as well?
Fabian A Johannessen
Directory Client
The team behind the Javo theme is very accommodating and responsive. They have helped me customize the theme and fixed bugs. Great communication! You've always been great help.
Directory Client