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It is a review features that can be set up quickly and easily

Directory V4 makes it easy for users to create and customize their own modules.
Now you can display the values that you want to show in the module to suit your site purpose and delete unwanted values.

Advantages of this feature.

  • Since it is made as widget, users can easily set the review by drag & drop.
  • Available in two types of grid and list
  • You can delete the evaluation item with one click.
  • Add notice or short description.
  • Rating, Rated average and review count can be shown.
  • Multiple images can be attached.
  • New review can be controlled with pending and pubilsh functions.

Do you want to customize? OR migrate part?


Frequently Asked Questions

No, we have a template by default and you can customize it if you need it.

If Grid type, you can show multiple reviews in one row.
If it is a list type, it is a list structure that shows one by one in a row.

We have made it impossible to write reviews for users who are not logged in.
Because users who are not logged in can write reviews, spam reviews can be written indiscriminately, so users who are not logged in can not write reviews.