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Search form

You no longer need to purchase hardcoding or addon to customize the search form

Drag and drop to create the search form you want. You can use the page builder simply by adding a search form.
Naturally, you can also set font, layout, and color.
You can create your own search form only with Page Builder, without changing the file or code. You can add it anywhere you want, page, header, map, etc ..

Advantages of this feature.

  • You can customize it with only elementor widgets without hardcoding.
  • No addon is required.
  • You can add search form to any place you want.
  • You can add the desired search filter or delete the unnecessary search filter.
  • You have many options that allow you to change to the design you want.
  • Advanced filters are available.
  • You can use the taxonomies you’ve added with More taxonomies as filters.

Do you want to customize? OR migrate part?


Frequently Asked Questions

Category, Location, Amenities, Keyword, More Taxonomies, Ajax, etc .. We support almost all the search filters you need.

Search Filter height, width, border, radius, typography, color, padding, margin, etc .. Basically there are options to modify the design.
We have added a lot of options so users are as easy and customizable as possible.