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Friendly User Dashboard Interface

Your customers do not need to access the WordPress back-end dashboard.

They can easily manage everything on the member page.
And we have integrated buddypress functionality in the user dashboard.
You can use a more powerful user dashboard than before.

Advantages of this feature.

  • Can be managed from the list, Post, BuddyPress front-end.
  • Manage Bookmark listings.
  • Manage your own posts.
  • Static statistics chart features.
  • Manage reviews that are written on your own list and your own.
  • woocommerce orders history checkable.
  • Messages can be sent between users.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use it without using the buddypress plugin if you do not need it.

Yes, you can visit another user’s dashboard and see a listing of that user’s listing.

Yes, you can edit and delete listings in the dashboard.