Add Youtube, Vimeo .. etc

Listing Video Display

You can display on 2 places. Header or in a section.

Let your clients add a video

Your clients can add videos. It support youtube, vimeo and some more.

Place header group

It's included in header group and buttons. You can add on header.

Video Widget

You can also add it on in body area. There is a wedge and add any place

Listing Video Widget & Header

Place a video on header group or any place in body by video widget.
Header Video

Add it on Header Group

It's included in header group and buttons. You can add on header.

There is also buttons to be displayed. You can change orderings and setup what to show first. If you want to show video first when the page loaded, you can set video first.
Video on content

Add it on content area

If you want to place a video on content area, you can use listing video widget to display on any are of content.

You can also hide a video on header and add it on content area. It can be done by drap & drop in real time live.

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You can show great videos on the listing detail page.

Our video function supports various video sites. Vimeo, Youtube, Dailymotion, YaHoo, etc..
So you can show various videos. You can display the video in the header of the listing or by adding a widget to the location you want.

Advantages of this feature.

  • Show the video in the listing header.
  • Add it using the single video widget at the desired location in the listing page.
  • Use videos from various video sites.

How video looks in Listing Header

Adding a video to the listing template with a widget

Do you want to customize? OR migrate part?